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“We are a specialized WordPress development team with a passion for all things WordPress. We’ve had the privilege to work with a wide variety of clients and have established a reputation for delivering top notch customer service.”

Seth Sobotka, resident WordPress expert

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WordPress Since 2008

We started developing sites with WordPress over seven years ago. From custom CMS development to emergency repairs, we can help your business.

Front End Development

Do you already have a design but need a production partner? We can help with that too. We’ve produced over 100 web sites and counting. Expertly produced HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Web Hosting Recommendations

We’ve worked with a slew of hosting providers, from a guy in his basement to tier one providers. We can help you with your WordPress hosting and site transfers.

 “Countless people hold themselves out as WordPress experts, but don’t have the depth of knowledge and skills to produce excellent work quickly. Seth does. Plus, his communication is amazingly clear – he explains everything from his process to the technical tweaks he executes with equal parts laser precision and good cheer.”

Bill Jawitz, Practice Advisor at SuccessTrack ESQ

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“Seth was able to quickly solve a word press problem that had others baffled.
He quickly responds to all inquiries and I highly recommend his services.”
Gary Merson, Owner,

Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

Say Goodby to the Usual

People access information differently now. Reports show smartphones and tablets combined now account for 6o percent of all online traffic, up from 50 percent a year ago.

Don’t Get Left Behind in Search

Google has made a significant update to its search algorithm impacting the way websites are ranked when performing searches. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, your business is going to suffer.

Our Solution: Responsive ReDesign

Our design team can completely redesign your web site or let our experts take your existing design and convert it to a responsive, mobile friendly WordPress theme.

Call toll-free 844-WRD-PRES (973-7737) to get started.

WordPress Web Hosting and Transfer Services

We’ve worked with a wide variety of web hosts…from a guy in his basement to tier one providers.Web Hosting doesn’t have to be intimidating when you work with the right team.

After extensive testing and independent research, we have found a set of companies that provide the complete hosting package – combining speed, performance, and reliability.


"Seth does great work. His expertise, manner, commitment, and professionalism make him a go-to talent. He'll be my first choice for upcoming projects."

− Jeff Honea, EcoMedia

"His is always keeping up to date on current trends and best practices and incorporates this into his work. He is flexible and fair with requests and budgets. We have worked on tons of projects together and look forward to continuing our collaboration."

− Mark LeRoy, silverECHO

"Seth has been instrumental in keeping us abreast of latest web and SEO developments and helping us implement those that work for us and our web site. Seth has taken an instructive approach with us which allows us to manage our own site once we've learned how to do it. Seth is proactive, extremely reliable and accessible."

− Brad Baxter, Automated Pet Care Products

"Seth came in and saved our bacon, bringing expert advice, creative design and prompt action."

− Brent Curtis, Arches Natural Products

Our WordPress Services

WordPress Emergency Repair

Did your web site just stop working? Have you been hacked and your host is threatening to shut down your site? Give us a call or contact one of our WordPress experts and we’ll get your site back up and running.

Membership Management

Our WordPress experts are also Infusionsoft and iMember360 experts. We can help you build a robust membership platform that is fully integrated with your shopping cart, email marketing and customer relation management.

WordPress Maintenance

We understand it can be time consuming to add blog posts, upload items, or just keeping WordPress and all of your plugins up-to-date. We offer monthly maintenance plans tailored to your needs so you don’t have to think about it.

Email Marketing & Templates

If you are looking to integrate your email marketing in to your web site or you need a new look for your email templates, we can assist. We’ve worked with Constant Contact, iContact, Infusionsoft, Marketo and others.

Customized WordPress Themes

Looking for a new web site, we can design and build a custom WordPress theme from scratch or we can take an existing theme and modify it to fit your brand. Already have the design, no problem. We can provide HTML/CSS and WordPress integration.

Search Engine Preparation

Our search engine preparation experts can help yoi develop keyword lists and craft effective titles and descriptions for your pages. We will also evaluate other on-page HTML elements as well as provide a linking strategy.

Call toll-free 844-WRD-PRES (973-7737) and tell us about your project.


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